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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 2, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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while you were sleeping, lindsay lohan was released from jail. >> thank goodness. >> but she's not completely off the hook. "fox & friends" starts right now. on the hook. >> well, so this is a program where people are off the hook. or out of the loop. >> our show is off the hook. >> and we got ali and peter in for gretch and brian. it's great to have you. it was a beautiful weekend. we hope you had a nice one and we are delighted you would spend part of your money with us. >> pleasure to be with you and all of you. let's tell you what's happening in the headlines at this hour. a fiery plane crash at denali national park in alaska. it's believed all three people on board are dead. this was the cargo plane and it slammed into mount heley and erupted into a fireball. the flames sparked a wildfire but firefighters were able to get that under control. ntsb officials expected on the scene today to determine the
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cause of this crash. this is the second fatal crash in alaska in less than a week. four people were killed in an air force plane while practicing for an air show near anchorage and there's new information out this morning that may help explain why a mother grizzly bear killed one person and mauled two others at a campground in montana. her three cubs were apparently malnourished. and their mother may have been fighting to get them food. the cubs are now at a zoo in billings, montana, and the mother bear was put down. 105 days into the gulf oil crisis and another attempt at permanently sealing off the well begins tonight. engineers will pump mud and cement into the well in a process called the static kill. meanwhile, a congressional subcommittee shows documents the coast guard allowed them to use more dispersant than expected even though the e.p.a. told them to uses it on rare occasions. despite this report, b.p.'s
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c.o.o. says he would absolutely eat seafood from the gulf right now. after serving just two weeks of a 90 day sentence, lindsay lohan is out of the clink. about one hour ago, she was sprung from a california jail. and headed straight to rehab. she'll reportedly go to ucla medical center for inpatient treatment. now, sources tell the gossip site tmz that the actress is bipolar and is addicted to crystal meth and open ats. lohan's lawyer denies those claims. those are your headlines. >> let's talk a little bit about what's going on. one of the things that a lot of democrats stay up late at night wondering before they go to bed is what will that unemployment number be like before the midterm elections? well, the president of the united states is out right now trying to put the best face on what his administration and what congress has done so far. he sat down with harry smith in
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detroit and said, you know, i don't really get a lot of credit here. listen to this. >> do you feel sometimes like your administration is not given the credit it deserves? >> yes. look -- but here's the reason. we've gone through the economic downturn since the great depression. no other recession comes close. people have every right to be scared, to be angry, to be frustrated. and i don't expect the american people to be satisfied when we're only half of the way back. >> and so when it comes to grading his administration thus far, he gives himself an incomplete. >> i thought that was an ingenious response because harry says what grade would you give yourself? and i guess as the president, you must be prepared for that question because either you just get in trouble if you say we'll see. >> i'm an a student. >> if you see an a, you'll get in trouble. he said an incomplete. i thought that was a crafty answer. he said our work is still ahead of us.
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>> you're absolutely right. people have become angry if you gave yourself an a and some people will be angry if he gave himself a c or a d even based on the economic success that we've had in this country since he took over. and so you're right. it was kind of a crafty and political response because he understands he can't give himself an a and it's best not to give yourself a grade at all. >> it's interesting. what harry smith was referring to, do you think you don't get enough credit? they have had a lot of legislative accomplishments so far. >> that's what they're saying right now. they're saying look at all the good stuff we've done. we've fixed health care and bailed out the car industry. that's why he was in detroit. if you remember, what was it? at the end of last year, december of 2009, the president of the united states when asked a similar question, i give myself a b plus. >> a lot of people say -- >> i think so, too. >> on the legislative accomplishments, other people say it's not the quantity of the legislative accomplishments,
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it's the quality. it's the type of things that you're doing. are they consistent with our view going forward and are they helpful in the long run? >> absolutely, yes. >> but yes, in terms of passing legislation, he's been successful but it's been controversial. >> right, of course. >> exactly. to your point, it was hard to get health care through because that's an accomplishment but most people, well, many americans didn't like the health care bill that went through. so it's a mixed grade. a mixed bag. >> who do you think on -- on charlie rangel's staff said ok, boss, you're in hot water. you're going to twitter. he's 80 years old and he goes i'm going to what? charlie rangel set out -- he has a twitter account, apparently. and he has tweeted now his defense of those 13 ethics violations that he has been charged with. here is the congressman himself in his own words sticking toup r himself. he didn't do anything wrong.
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>> as you know, the ethics committee procedure is under way and that i initiated it. i hope that the ethics committee process will move forward without a rush to judgment. i've discovered some of the mistakes i've made. and my answers to the allegations can be found on my web site at i really believe i made some difference in the congress. and i just won't stop fighting until i've had a fair and open hearing. so thank you for your support. and i won't let you down. >> he is so much more technologically advanced than i am. because i didn't know that you could put an audiophile on twitter. i thought you just had to do those 140 characters. however, what he said on there -- one thing is curious. the answers can be found on my web site. i went there and spent about 10 minutes this morning looking around for the -- >> it's 30 pages of stuff.
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>> it's hard to find them. he's not highlighting them or showcasing them on his web site. i'd move them to a more prominent position. >> peter johnson who is currently our attorney on staff, on couch and peter has looked at the attorney's response. >> i do know charlie rangel well and i do like charlie rangel and obviously, anyone who has committed an ethical violation should be punished for what they've done but in reading what was actually on the site, i saw a lot of things and a lot of defenses that i hadn't heard. if someone has the time, they should look at it but clearly, there's a massive amount of charges that he's facing and now he's resorting to twitter like sarah palin and newt gingrich. and the president and the white house and a lot of other people and i guess it's been effective because we just played the 30-second clip of what he had to say. we haven't heard from him. we've seen him a lot in the hallway being run down by reporters so it's interesting to hear what he has to say. clearly, he's following a strategy that he's going to take it to the brink and he's saying
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i think and i haven't spoken to him or anybody on the staff, but he's appearing as a lawyer, listen, you want to go ahead. i'll go ahead. you folks may suffer in trying to take me on. i think it's a calculation he's taking. >> show me where to find that. as i mentioned, i'm not technologically advanced. can you show me how to find that exactly? >> here -- >> i put it on. >> here's on your commodore, we got to get rid of that. >> here it is. we'll read some of those answers. >> all right. meantime, i wonder if nancy pelosi twitters for herself or if she just is old school politician who sits down and talks and just says exactly what is on her mind. what's the youngins are twittering and what not. she -- john boehner over the weekend said, you know, these democrats, they promised to drain the swamp and you look at charlie rangel. he's exhibit a they have not done that. nancy pelosi over the weekend
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said, you know what? we did drain the swamp. charlie rangel is proof of it. and then kind of pin down, what's going on behind the scenes with the ethics investigation? she doesn't know what's going on. nothing. listen. >> the ethics committee is working its will. respect what they do. i'm totally out of the loop. it is independent. it is confidential, classified, secret, whatever. we don't know what it is. but we do respect the work that the members of the committee do. >> is that possible? is that possible? >> if there's one person who is plugged in on capitol hill, it's nancy pelosi. >> exactly! >> that's what her strength is. everybody says she is the heart. >> it's classified. it's all those things. it's double secret, it's going -- you're going to get in trouble if you look -- even if you ask and i'm not gonna ask. what is this? >> what is she saying? >> i don't blame her.
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>> it's incredible actually. it really is incredible. >> again, her point is that just by these charges being levelled that she is draining the swamp. never mind it took, what, two years to -- of speculation about charlie rangel and all of these allegations coming forth to even get the ethics committee to level the charges. she says that's evidence she's draining the swamp. >> she'd be really surprised there's an ethics violation charge against congressman maxine watters based on her ownership of stock in a bank and her husband's ownership in stock in a bank. and whether or not she assisted in the steering of federal funds to that bank? >> yeah, apparently, $12 million went the way of one -- let's see, what is the name of the outfit? >> one united bank. >> that's the bank i'm talking about right there and apparently, her husband had the money invested and now there's going to be an investigation. there's been an investigation, now there are charges. apparently, she has been behind
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the scenes on -- unbeknownst to a lot of people negotiating a plea deal and just like charlie rangel, she effectively said there's no deal here. bring on the trial which would be interesting because it's been a long time since the house has had two trials going on at the same time. and apparently, because there is just -- there's limited window of opportunity timewise to have trials on capitol hill. >> they're going to do his and she's going to have to wait until after the election. >> maybe nancy pelosi has asked about congresswoman watters today, she can say who? >> i'm still out of the loop. >> all right. let's talk about alan grayson. of course, you know this congressman because -- >> mr. soundbite. >> he is a soundbite. he's some might say a shameless self-promoter. you'll remember him. he's the person who said that he -- that republicans want you to die quickly much that's their health care plan. he said other sort of inflammatory things. well, he now is putting out his own d.v.d. of his greatest hits.
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he is sending this out before the midterm elections so voters can see all the great things that he has done. it's not campaign funds. >> did they take up a collection? >> no. >> big sale? garage sale? money from heaven? ed mcmahan come with a great big paper check? >> they say it's taxpayers with the d.v.d. and then, etc. he hasn't exactly responded to that. it's that voters should look at this. >> we know that his opponent said are you kidding? that's a promotional thing for his campaign. they really should have coughed up some campaign cash for it, mr. alan grayson and we did have a couple of his soundbites screwed up. >> that's not on the real -- the dying -- >> nor is his -- >> we have one little snippet. >> nor is his comparison. >> want one snippet of it? if we got it, let's roll it.
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>> you get sick america. the republican health care plan is this. die quickly. >> ok, that's the guy. >> he also incredibly likened america's health care crisis to the holocaust. >> yep. >> and then called an aide to ben bernanke a k street whore. >> i forgot about those greatest hits. >> i bet they're not on the disc. if i was his opponent, i would -- i might assemble some of that stuff and send it out to the same people that got -- >> look it up. >> thanks for joining us on this monday. we have lots to go through today. >> as we just told you, new documents accuse b.p. of ignoring the e.p.a. and using way too much dispersant in the gulf. up next, closer look at the potential of all that. >> why the lawmaker who wants to destroy a historic church is being shot down by the same people supporting the mosque. that's coming up. know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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>> day 105 and b.p. today will prepare to permanently seal off the damaged oil well today. there are new concerns about what they have been putting into the water. the coast guard reportedly allowed b.p. to use thousands and thousands of gallons of chemical dispersants every day despite warnings from the e.p.a. >> joining us now is campaign director for the gulf restoration network, aaron
6:17 am
viles. what's wrong with putting it into the ocean? hasn't it helped the cleanup? tell us what's wrong with this. >> well, dispersants has been explicitly about a tradeoff. you're trading off marine impacts for coastal impacts. you can break up the oil and keep it from getting to shore. the problem is that they've been usi using dispersants in a very unprecedented way. rather than putting it at the surface, they've been injecting it at the well head a mile down below the surface. so we don't know much about that ecosystem except for it's very important. and so the dispersant oil interaction is having impacts on the marine ecosystem. we don't know what those impacts are and marine biologists are very concerned, it's significant it's going to be long lasting and significant decrease in productivity in the gulf of mexico. >> aaron, here's something that congressman ed marky, a democrat from massachusetts wrote in a letter to thad allen on friday.
6:18 am
he said b.p. often carpet bombed the ocean with these chemicals and the coast guard allowed them to do it. the coast guard -- did the coast guard have to sign off every time b.p. said yeah, we want to pump 7500 gallons of this stuff in there today? >> the e.p.a. and the coast guard set a limit and then b.p. had to get a waiver to go above that limit. and basically, the coast guard and apparently e.p.a. were rubber stamping every single one of those proposals basically. by and large, they gave them the thumbs up and we have a big concern because they weren't really reducing the amount of dispersant like the coast guard wanted to. they pegged the idea they wanted to reduce it by 75%. analysis we saw is really, they average were only reducing it by 10% and that's, you know, again -- with a giant science experiment down here, we know that the impacts on the eggs, the larva and the plankton which
6:19 am
are the fundamental building blocks for life in the gulf of mexico are significant. >> thad allen said there are times that leaders need to make decisions on scene. and we have a window of opportunity to deal with it there rather than take the impact of the marshes or the beaches. on those occasions, there's a deviation from the plan. there is no disagreement between lisa jackson, the federal official and i. did the coast guard screw up here? are they to blame for this or b.p. to blame or both? >> i think ultimately b.p. is to blame for all of this. b.p. signed a -- signed an agreement with the federal government that they were going to be able to respond to a worst case scenario by skimming 100,000 barrels of oil a day. they never come anywhere close to that. if they were able to do that, we wouldn't need the dispersant. >> we'll have to wait and see what happens. thank you for joining us live. >> straight ahead, she said she delivered her own promise to drain the swamp but with charlie rangel and maxine waters facing
6:20 am
charges, has nancy pelosi done enough? a fair and balanced debate straight ahead. >> and angelina jolie's darkest secrets revealed in a shocking new book like did she hire a hitman to kill herself? that's just the beginning. here on "fox & friends."
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>> at 23 minutes after the hour, our first monday in august, quick check of the headlines. the u.s. is promising $10 million to pakistan after devastating floods ravaged the country. death toll stands at 1100. that number is expected to rise to more than 3,000. and republican congressman michelle bachmann is recovering at her minnesota home this morning. she was admitted to a hospital in washington, d.c. on friday and treated for an undisclosed
6:24 am
illness. ali? >> thanks, peter. house speaker nancy pelosi claims she's cleaned house on capitol hill when it comes to corruption. >> i came in and said we'll drain the swamp and we did. we passed the most sweeping ethics reform in the history of the congress. >> but with democrats charlie rangel and maxine waters facing ethics charges now, has pelosi really followed through on that pledge? joining us for a fair and balanced debate, democratic strategist matthew litman and senior fellow sabrina schaefer. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> ok, so nancy pelosi is obviously known for having her finger on the pulse of capitol hill. she's known as being very shrewd and strategic. so this weekend, matthew when she said i'm out of the loop and i don't know what's happening with charlie rangel, is that plausible? >> absolutely. she set up an independent congressional ethics commission which is by its very nature independent and they brought very strong charges against
6:25 am
charlie rangel. much stronger charges than anyone had previously expected. and they're willing to hold a hearing right before the elections with congressman rangel which i think all speaks to how seriously congresswoman pelosi takes these charges. i think it's very impressive that nancy pelosi has been able to get this ethics commission to do what it's supposed to do before this. the ethics commission oversaw congress like the sec oversaw wall street. it was kind of a wink and a nod. i think it's very impressive what speaker pelosi has been able to do. >> makes some compelling points. they do seem to be taking a more stringent tact with charlie rangel than they have with some in the past. what's your response? >> well, i'm just not sure they're going to be able to do that much. it's hard to separate, in my opinion, the corruption from the democratic policies. this is a party that's really way too comfortable taking money from hard working americans and giving it to their friends. they're too comfortable sort of giving exemptions to their buddies and apparently to themselves. on the burdensome regulations and taxes that the rest of us
6:26 am
endure so i think that nancy pelosi might want to clean shop but the fact is she sort of waved her hands at this and said look, this is a violation of house rules which as i see it, this is the violation of the law. >> it sounds like sabrina is saying this is a democratic party issue. do you want to respond to that. >> well, first of all, i agree with sabrina that if it's a violation of the law, they should be prosecuted as if it's a violation of the law, not as if they broke house rules. i agree with that. i don't understand how it would be otherwise. i agree with her on that. second of all, i think it's impressive what the democrats have been able to do in terms of policing the congress. i think it's actually great what speaker pelosi is able to do and unlike things we have seen before but i think sabrina will agree with me, part of the problem here is that you get members of congress who are in safe districts, they've been around for a long period of time. and they seem to treat congress as if it's their birth right to be a member of congress and not a privilege. >> let me read to you what congressman john boehner has said about this. he says it's a sad day when the
6:27 am
u.s. house of representatives has to sit in trial of one of its own members. it's one of the biggest broken promises from speaker pelosi and her team who promised to drain the swamp. sabrina, has speaker pelosi failed at draining the swamp? >> well, i think it's going to take a lot more than, you know, speaker pelosi. look, we have a long sort of list of people here from robert toricelli to secretary of the treasury, tim geitner. we have congressman mursa before he passed. there's been sort of a continuous stream of democratic lawmakers who don't take, you know, tax evasion seriously and i think that the american public is aware of that and voters are aware of that and this whole episode will turbo charge the already very mounting support for the g.o.p. come november. >> final word? >> yeah, i think sabrina is speaking in a partisan way here. i can list the number of republicans that have gotten into trouble and the list is extremely long. that's why the democrats are able to take over the congress. >> thanks so much for joining us for a debate this morning.
6:28 am
>> thank you. >> all right. coming up, another week, another fresh wave of bailouts? president obama has a new plan to spend billions of dollars but can he sell it to the american people? stu varney is here next with details on that and take a look at this. what the heck is a bear doing on a golf course? taking, well, soon a nap actually on the fourth hole. but first, happy birthday to sam worthington. the "avatar" star turns 34 today. hey, i'm jennifer hudson and i'm winning.
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keller graduate school of management, you'll have a professor with you every step of the way. whether you take classes on campu online, or both, you get the same attention, the same curriculum, and the same quality. 85 locations nationwide and online. discover how to grow the business of you... at >> hits 28 minutes before the top of the hour on this monday. we have a whole bunch of important segments to fill you in on. first some headlines. >> all right. let's start right now. police in arizona are stepping up their search for two convicted killers who escaped from prison. they are still believed to be
6:32 am
somewhere in arizona. a third prisoner, daniel renwick was caught after a gun battle with police in colorado. how appropriate. police are investigating whether lax security at the prison is to blame for the escape. they cut a hole to get out. >> horrifying moment for 100 tourists waiting to board a ship in san diego. the dock everyone was standing on collapsed. >> oh, no. >> at least half the crowd into shallow water. >> all of a sudden, we, i think, all collectively at the same time kind of heard this cracking of wood sound and next thing we know, the whole structure is falling backwards. >> thankfully, most people are ok. two were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. while a baby in the stroller escaped unharmed. the ship takes hotel guests from a nearby resort around mission bay. >> meanwhile, this morning, six people are seriously hurt after their skydiving plane crashed just outside of buffalo, new york. one of those people is currently
6:33 am
in critical condition while the other five are listed as stable. police say the frontier skydivers plane crashed while taking off from a grass runway at an airfield 35 miles south of buffalo. reportedly they had parachutes on board but were unable to use them. >> here's a crash like you've never seen before. this happened yesterday at the pennsylvania 500. let's go to pocono raceway. early on, elliott saddler runs into trouble. his car entering the right-hand side of your screen. crashes into a barrier. the impact was so hard, the engine flew from the hood and on to the track. he suffered a bruised chest but is expected to be ok. in the end, greg bifle took the checkered flag for his first win in more than two years. i just read sports accidentally. >> new transmission. >> i think he did. >> that was -- >> it's hard to finish the race without a motor. >> right. right. meanwhile, let's get your motor
6:34 am
running and find out what's going on weatherwise coast to coast. it's a pretty nice start to the work week across much of the land although we have some thunderstorms moving through it looks like the omaha area right now into western portions of iowa and up through portions of minnesota as well. current temperatures coast to coast, it is very pleasant. 55 right now. great sleeping weather up in caribou, maine, 66 currently in cleveland and 68 in chicago. lot of 70's across the area. 80 in memphis. that is what you want to know. what kind of clothes should you put on? if you live in the central or southern plain states, wear something flimsy. it's going to be hot. stuart varney, i'm not talking to you. please wear something substantial. >> at all times. >> 106 degrees today in dallas/fort worth, that area. 102 in memphis. hot across the middle part of the country. 80's throughout the northeast down through the mid atlantic section and 90's along the gulf
6:35 am
coast. all right. and that's your foxcast. meanwhile, last week, the president said bailouts were a thing of the past. this week, he's pushing a $30 billion bill to bail out small banks. he defended that move on saturday. >> i can't imagine anything more common sense than giving additional tax breaks and badly needed lending assistance to america's small business owners so they can grow and hire. that's what we're trying to do with the small business jobs act. >> but the bill says the money must be available even to areas that may not be able to pay it back. stu varney is here. stu, the financial reform bill was supposed to stop bank bailouts. i mean, i remember the president saying that. >> you're right. >> so the $3 billion going to community banks, how do you explain that? >> when is a bailout not a bailout? when it is a common sense program and when the program does not mention the word bank or bailout and talks in terms of
6:36 am
helping small business. >> speaking of flimsy, the -- >> the plan is apparently to save weak banks in the united states with a $30 billion infusion. >> let me be the devil's advocate. what's wrong with that? every day, the federal reserve loans moneys to community banks and big banks around america. why is it different? why is this bad? >> because these banks are in deep financial trouble. the federal government is going to step in, allocate $30 billion, probably on political grounds. they're going to banks in areas of high unemployment. normally, they'd be shut down by the fdic. they're gone. they're wiped out. they're gone. not this time. they're going to stay in business with taxpayer help because they are supposedly viable after they've got taxpayer money. who isn't viable after you get taxpayer money for heaven's sake? >> isn't that weird? we need community banks where there is high unemployment? >> there's one point we're missing for a second.
6:37 am
the inspector general of the tarp program, he's the guy who was savage in his criticism of the auto dealership bailout, of the housing bailout, savage. he has no role, no oversight whatsoever in this brand new bank bailout fund. he's been shunted to the side. thee going to hire a whole new bureaucracy of people to oversee this program. get out of the way. no oversight. >> now, in the intro to that, to that segment it was read it will go to banks that might not be able to repay the money. that's troubling for all of us who think this is down the money pit thing. >> yes. this has lit a fire under the white house because they're now being accused of a new tarp program. a new bank bailout program. they don't like that. they've shot back. the deputy director of -- communications director in a blog has come back and said look, to participate, a bank's
6:38 am
federal regulator must deem it viable. ok? >> regulators did a great job last time, didn't they? >> it's viable after it's gotten taxpayer money. i repeat the question. who is not viable if you give them half a billion dollars? >> that's the litmus test, if they get the money. not now if they are viable. >> it's all politics. who too ydo you think is going t this aid if it's voted on? friends of congress. politically connected constituents who say give me some help. that's what's gonna happen. >> so a bank that is unviable can get some taxpayer money and then be deemed viable so they'll wind up -- that's the rationale to get them done. >> nicely put, young man. nicely put. that's not a flimsy statement. >> all right. we'll be watching him just about two hours from now on fox business. it is, of course, varney & company, the wildly successful program of analysis and talk and all sorts of stuff. >> one of the smartest money men in the country, stuart varney. >> really? >> varney and cavuto, they've done a lot. >> do you have anything to add
6:39 am
to this, ali? >> and well dressed. >> not flimsy dressed either. >> thank you very much. listen, plans for a mosque at ground zero are moving full steam ahead. but a plan to build a church destroyed by the terrorists is going absolutely nowhere. we'll tell you why. >> then the author who wrote the shocking tell all about princess diana is at it again. and this time, he's spilling secrets about angelina jolie like she hired a hitman to kill herself. >> and it's at the start of it. first, the quote of the day. who said this? the wedding dress was huge. i wanted to get my boogie on. so i had to change. oóo@/áuuuuuu [ female announcer ] we all want to stay active.
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>> here's some good news for you, perhaps, you may soon be able to use your smart phone as a credit card. at&t and verizon are teaming up to let customers pay all of their bills and charges directly through their phones. you can just swipe the phone instead of a credit card. customers would later pay the phone company which will act as a financial institution. bloomberg reporting the new venture may pose a competitive threat to credit card companies such as visa and mastercard. you got to figure they don't like it. meanwhile, new jersey wildlife officials will be out again this morning searching for a black bear that outsmarted authorities over the weekend. the 1-year-old cub was caught on camera roaming a bergenfield golf course not far from my house. this is just the latest in a series of bear sightings in northern new jersey over the last couple of months. mr. johnson, over to you. >> thank you. st. nicholas greek orthodox church was destroyed by terrorists on september 11th at
6:44 am
the world trade center. nearly a decade later, a new church only exists in blueprints. our own government now accused of putting road blocks in the path of its own citizens trying to rebuild that church. well, just a few blocks away, plans are to build a mosque, they're being applauded by the same government officials. joining us now, the republican candidate in the primary for new york's first congressional district, george demos. good morning, how are you? >> good morning. >> tell us what the issue is. there's a greek orthodox church that was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. is it having a problem being reconstructeded? why? >> well, st. nicholas greek orthodox church was destroyed by the south tower on september 11th and in the context of building that mosque, our own government is putting tremendous road blocks, as you said, in the way of building that. the port authority refuses to meet with the greek orthodox church to come forward with a able plan to build that church and that's absolutely a disgrace. that church needs to be rebuilt and that needs to be priority number one. >> who owns the land? >> the land is owned by the greek orthodox church.
6:45 am
>> what's standing in their way of doing this? >> well, the port authority originally agreed to have them swapped to have a bigger piece of land and abruptly reneged on their deal a year ago and refused to meet with the greek orthodox church. it's an issue that transcends any particular church. we have a church, how of worship. our christian values are under attack in this country and we have a church that's not being rebuilt and our government should be doing everything it can to make sure we rebuild this. >> do you think the port authority is attacking judeo christian values in not allowing them to go forward. >> it's a matter of having the port authority director chris ward sit down and say this is our priority. we have to make sure this is rebuilt. this was destroyed on 9/11 and make sure it's rebuilt. >> some people have said the people who want to build a mosque near the site of the world trade center, their background should be investigated as to who they are and what they believe. should the same thing happen to the people at the greek orthodox
6:46 am
church? should their background be investigated before church is allowed to go up there? >> well, if there's any evidence that any terrorists are funding the building of a church, absolutely. the question is the mosque is we have some people who apparently don't have any funding. are getting funding in places from the middle east and some extremist groups so we have to make sure we identify the funding and the sources of that funding. so i'm not aware of any terrorist groups funding a church. i don't think the comparison holds. >> is it your view that the mosque is being funded by terrorist? >> we have to investigate that. the background of the people who are coming forward is definitely questionable. >> now, if you had an opportunity to speak to the port authority and maybe you do right at this moment, if you could look into that camera, camera 2 and what would you say to them? >> sit down and meet with the officials of the church and make sure that this is priority number one. we're spending hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild and billions of dollars to build that -- the entire infrastructure at ground zero but let's make sure that we build the one house of worship that was actually destroyed. we owe it to the nation. we owe to the survivors, the 3,000 victims including the 168
6:47 am
from suffolk county who were killed on that day. >> thank you for coming in. thank you for your service. i know you're running for congress in the first district. good luck and be well. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> nice to see you. >> tens of thousands of war documents leaked on the web. and the white house brushed it off but now president obama's own secretary of defense is speaking out. and robert gates is not nearly as confident as his boss. angelina jolie, now, what about her wild ways? they'll be exposed. how she lured brad away from jennifer and her secret addiction. addiction to what? the author of a new unauthorized biography is next. but first, the answer to our quote of the day. watch this, steve. ♪ proud to stand on our own, proud to be homegrown ♪
6:48 am
♪ can you hear it? ♪ fuelin' the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there ♪
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6:51 am
>> from a fractured hollywood family for one of the box office's biggest stars on the planet, the mysterious allure of angelina jolie has made her a global superstar. >> gosh, i can't stop looking at her. and now her darkest secrets are being revealed in "angelina, an unauthorized biography" and joining us now, author best known for his controversial expose on princess diana, andrew morton is here. >> what did you learn when investigating angelina jolie that's new, that we haven't heard before. >> a whole ton of stuff. book full of stuff. this has been water cooler conversation for the last week or so. everything from her lovers, from the family's estrangement, she was abandoned as a little baby. the whole psychology.
6:52 am
it's the why of angelina. why does she behave like she does? why she has gone on this trajectory in her life. >> the abandonment thing is something we've never heard before. she was on the record as being close to her mother. she was devastated at her mother's death two years ago. you said her mother abandoned her as infant? >> yeah, this is the central thesis of the book. this is her true story and the true story. this book tells the true story of her life, the one where she as a little baby, she's in a crib on her own, on the fifth floor because her mother couldn't bear to look at her because she looked -- reminded her of jon voigt, her husband who had left for another woman and in a way, explains so much the cutting, the drugs, the kind of bisexuality and awful lot in her life is explained in those formative months. >> let's back it up a little bit. you mentioned cutting. what are you talking about? >> we're talking about cutting of the neck, cutting of the thighs cutting of the breasts with a knife. yeah. and that is a sense of release
6:53 am
for most of us, it's weird. for somebody like that, for somebody like angelina who is in this cycle as a performing, it's a release and that's one of the central effects of the book. >> it's weird, you're right. >> you found out she was involved with many more famous hollywood stars than we've previously known, leonardo for one. >> leonardo dicaprio. mick jagger and they're all letharios, by the way. she's had this revolving carousel of men leaving messages on her mother's answering machine saying please ring me. >> the book does a good job of describing an unconventional childhood including at age 14, her mother saying hey, what was his name? ethan, the boyfriend. >> anton. >> live at home rather than making the back of the -- >> in my bedroom. >> she moves out of the bedroom and they move into the master bedroom. she's effectively living with somebody at age 14.
6:54 am
>> is brad -- obviously, everyone was enthralled with the love triangle, brad pitt, jennifer anniston, angelina jolie. she used her son maddux as the bait to lure brad. how so? >> well, it's kind of playing happy families. here's this -- he's a great -- is brad pitt. he comes himself mr. mom. so here's maddux, this cute little kid playing around and it draws somebody in. and the friends of angelina have all said to me, it's brad who made the running in that relationship. >> but it sounds like she wanted him while he was still married to jennifer anniston just to -- just because. hadn't even met him yet. >> theirs a kind of -- because she's -- because she's disenchanted with men, she felt her father abandoned her which is not true. psychologically she makes men almost compromise themselves to cheat on their girlfriends or
6:55 am
cheat on their wives in order to be with her. so that enables her psychologically then to reject them and the only man that's never rejected her is maddux. >> there you go. critics of the book say there are largely unnamed sources that they can't necessarily be trusted, lots of people have it out for angelina. >> now, there are more sources in this book than heinz. it is -- this book is people who have known her for 30 years, people who have, you know, her surrogate father. her drug dealer. fellow -- >> what about the hitman? she hired a hitman to kill herself? >> again, she went through a period of depression, suicidal thoughts, and she -- she says she hired a hitman and she was going to pay him by installments. i think you call them a mis-hitman. >> and angelina and brad, it appears, are not happy with this book because, you know, you have been frozen out. no networks are covering this. none of the hollywood glamorous and glitzy shows are doing this either, why?
6:56 am
>> they're cowards really. brad and angelina are the uncrowned king and queen of hollywood. and here we have all these networks and these entertainment shows, entertainment shows, a story of the week, they're ignoring it. they're rather like playing, you know, paying to the king and queen of hollywood. >> well, it's obviously fascinating stuff. andrew morton, thanks so much for coming on with a preview of "angelina, the unauthorized biography." >> my pleasure. nice to talk to you. >> the president said he's not worried. he's calling republicans on their bluff. regarding that. dana perino joins us in a couple of minutes to discuss that and so much more. >> plus, the promise of national guard troops that patrol arizona's border. why hasn't the help showed up yet? some are calling this political power play the deadly consequences. we're going to have sheriff paul badview weigh in. thanks to t venture card from capital one,
6:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. it's monday, august 2nd. here's what's happening at this hour. house speaker nancy pelosi says she was draining the swamp but now she says she doesn't know what's going on. >> the ethics committee is working its will. that's what they do. i'm totally out of the loop, it's independent. it is confidential, classified, secret, whatever. >> former white house press secretary dana perino gives us her take on that. >> and president obama just over a year and a half into his term, so how is he grading himself? >> it's incomplete because until the economy has rebounded fully and people are feeling better, we have a long way to go. >> forget about extra credit. is he just trying to pass? is that good enough for the american people? >> meanwhile, president ahmadinejad vs. president obama. in a globally televised debate
7:01 am
live? iranian leader's new challenge to our president. we'll tell you about it. "fox & friends" hour two for a monday starts right now! >> hey, this is boone pickens. you're watching "fox & friends." great show. watch it every morning. >> thank you so much. hi, everybody. i'm in for gretchen today. she's under the weather. >> i'm in for brian. he's on a little vacation. >> unfortunately, i'm here today. you know, something you said a moment ago really got me. >> what was that? >> august 2nd. where has the summer gone? >> i don't know. i'm not happy about it. i don't like when it starts at the end just flying by but we have a solid month left. >> we have more than that. it's so much summer left. it's just -- i can't -- >> all right, mr. sunshiny. mr. pinky. >> last summer, enjoy it. >> let's get right to our news, shall we? because we are now 105 days into the nation's worst oil spill and b.p. will attempt to permanently seal off the leak late tonight. engineers will use the process
7:02 am
they call static kill where they pump mud and cement into the well. meanwhile, a congressional subcommittee says documents show that the coast guard allowed b.p. too much leeway when it came to using chemical dispersants in the water after they were warned by the e.p.a. to cut back. despite this, the b.p. c.o.o., doug suttles said he would absolutely feed his family seafood from the gulf. now we have a fox news alert for you. a fiery plane crash at denali national park in alaska. it's believed all three people on board are dead. the cargo plane slammed into mount healy and erupted into a fireba fireball. the flames sparked a fireball there. this is the second fatal crash in less than a week. four people were killed in an air force plane while practicing for an air show near anchorage. people hope to have this palmdale california wildfire totally contained by tonight.
7:03 am
it's burned almost 2200 square miles and that's about the size of manhattan. right now, it's 87% contained. meanwhile, firefighters quickly extinguished a nearby fire in california threatening the edge of a freeway. iran's leader mahmoud ahmadinejad has a challenge for president obama. debate me on tv. ahmadinejad wants president obama to go one on one to see who has the best solutions for the world's problems. he says he wants to talk to mr. obama in front of cameras at the u.n. general assembly. this proposal comes as iran is facing a new round of international sanctions over its nuclear program. former vice president dick cheney is still recuperating at a virginia hospital this morning after undergoing heart surgery in july. his daughter talked about her dad on "fox news sunday." >> he is at some hospital but he's doing well. he's out of the intensive care unit and hopefully will be at home later this week. looking at flyfishing and hunting dates for later on this year. so we're very hopeful.
7:04 am
>> doctors implanted a pump into his heart to help circulate the blood. he's had five heart attacks. those are the headlines. >> all right. every monday at this time we turn to dana perino and she joins us via the magic of television from our d.c. bureau. hi, dana. >> good morning, everybody. >> do you remember watching when you were a little girl hogan's heroes? did you ever watch that? >> i think it's before her time. >> i know, peter johnson and i used to watch it back in the 1940's. >> i don't know how to answer that without embarrassing you, steve. >> there was this character on there, senator schultz and whenever somebody would ask him a question. he would say i know nothing. i know nothing. nancy pelosi yesterday had kind of echos of sergeant schultz yesterday where she said she knew absolutely nothing about the charlie rangel ethics -- >> we can agree, that's about the only comparison to -- >> that's the only one. >> here's a bite from yesterday. >> the ethics committee is
7:05 am
working its will. if that's what they do, i'm totally out of the loop. it is independent. it is confidential, classified, secret, whatever. we don't know what it is. but we do respect the work that the members of the committee do. >> i'm totally out of the loop, she said. do you buy that? >> well, it's a poor choice or phrase for her because what she -- we'll talk about what she meant in a moment. what it sounded like is she was playing dumb and she's so smart, nobody believes she doesn't know about this situation. in fact, how could she know any less than what all of us have read in the papers? what she meant is there's a firewall between her office and the investigation and the ethics committee and she probably should have used a different phrase to describe that because now, it does sound like she's not paying attention. plus she's got her majority hanging in the balance. >> yeah. >> and not that they -- the democrats would lose charlie rangel's seat if that were to happen but believe me, the margins are such she's paying attention to every single race and she knows them very well
7:06 am
which is one of the reasons she smacked robert gibbs on the nose a couple of weeks ago when he suggested they might lose the house. >> sure. let's talk about something else that came up during the sunday morning talk show round yesterday and that is that president obama was asked what grade he gives himself thus far. he said an incomplete and he also said that he has a plan. coming up in the next few weeks about what he's going to help cut out of the budget. he said he's going to call the g.o.p. on their bluff because they talk about not spending anymore but they don't talk about what they're going to cut. is that a fair assessment? >> well, on the -- on the incomplete issue, i was so pleased to think they finally listened to me. last year, he gave himself a b plus when he was asked that question and, of course, presidents always expect those questions. it's the laziest question that any reporter can ask. it always comes up and he was right to say incomplete this time. because it is incomplete. and in fact, when it comes to elections, whether it's the
7:07 am
midterms or 2012, it's not -- you don't grade and you don't get any curves and you don't get to grade on a scale. it is pass/fail. and so incomplete was the right answer. >> and when it comes to the other thing where he said he would call the republicans' bluff and he's going to put forward tax cuts for the budget, i would tell the republicans to be very careful here. this is the lead up to the debt commission which i've always been wary of. and they're going to announce that they need to have some cuts but also some tax increases. and they will call republicans obstructionists if they don't go along. i would be very careful going into this. >> well, here's reaction yesterday. congressman john boehner and senator mitch mcconnell on "fox news sunday" to just that. >> if you try to raise taxes, you're gonna kill revenue coming to the federal government because you're going to have less people working. now, the way to get our economy moving again and the way to solve the deficit problem is to
7:08 am
get more people working. to get more people taking care of their own families. more people paying taxes and controlling the spending spree in washington, d.c.. >> the only way to really reduce the deficit is to get the private sector going again. >> yeah, i think we'd all agree that the private sector has got to get going. did you hear joe biden? the reason things are going so slow is because it was -- it's bush's recession. it's not the american recession that has spanned now two administrations, but it is bush's recession. here's a sound bite for that. >> there's never enough until we restore the eight million jobs lost in the bush recession. until that happens, it doesn't matter. i mean, it matters but it's not enough. >> ok. is that apt? >> well, you can just imagine what it was like when the pollsters came into the white house to tell them what phrases would work best to help shore up their base. because that's really what that message is about. i don't think there's many people sitting around going
7:09 am
gosh, i wonder what bush would do right now about the economy. i think they're sitting on houses they can't sell trying to find jobs or trying to find a way to keep their job and wondering what is the administration going to be willing to do to change course? what they've done so far for the last 18 months hasn't worked and what vice president biden has to do is lay the groundwork to help democrats hang on to their seats by blaming someone who hasn't been in office for two years even after at the same time they want credit that their $1 trillion stimulus worked to save the economy. >> so is biden's statement historically accurate? did the recession begin during the bush administration or not? >> i think so. i think so, yeah. i think if you look at the numbers, remember, if you don't know for six -- it's like there's a six month lag time. >> right. >> for example, when president bush took office in 2001, the recession that he inherited actually started during the clinton administration. that's just the way it goes. >> all right. let's talk about wikileaks story.
7:10 am
as you know, all of the sensitive documents have been released. let's listen to what defense secretary gates had to say about this. >> if i'm angry, it is -- it is because i believe that this information puts those in afghanistan who have helped us at risk. it puts our soldiers at risk because they can learn a lot, our adversaries can learn a lot about our techniques, tactics and procedures from the body of these leaked documents. >> and dana, there seems to be a debate of how dangerous these leaked documents are. if this is old information or if this is something new that will end up causing our folks in afghanistan a lot of harm. >> well, in a general sense, it wasn't much new in that things are tough there. the taliban is resurgent. we've had problems where we have inadvertently killed civilians and that we needed to figure out a way to limit those casualties.
7:11 am
when terrorists are in the middle of a big wedding. but at the same time, there were things revealed there that are very dangerous, especially informants' names and do you think that every enemy of ours isn't combing through those documents to find out what are america's vulnerabilities, what are their weaknesses? who were these people that gave away the information and they'll be targeted and killed. and so i don't know if the wikileaks founder thinks it was worth it. but i think ultimately as liz cheney said yesterday on "fox news sunday" he will have blood on his hands. >> it's interesting. there's a story out this morning that apparently, m.i.t. students helped the wikileaks suspect. that's for another day. you were with us last week and we were talking about the release of the lockerbie bomber and i know that you wanted to clarify something that you had said. >> well, i had -- i was reacting to a news story that ran last sunday saying that the
7:12 am
administration had suggested that it was fine for the lockerbie bomber to be released. and i should know better than anybody that news stories on the internet aren't necessarily accurate. but i did react to that story. and robert gibbs was then asked about it. not just my comments but asked in general about the news story that had run and this is what i think. i think that the administration has on purpose been a little bit vague about what it wanted and what it communicated with the british over this situation. that is not -- i don't criticize them for that because again, i know better than anybody that you can't conduct a lot of these public diplomacy sensitive issues in public. and so that is what it is. i'm glad that there's, you know, a web site out there that can track my every move and keep me honest. but happy to apologize when i need to. >> all right. thanks for the clarification. dana, always a pleasure. >> thanks. >> have a great week. >> see you soon. >> bye-bye. >> coming up, president obama
7:13 am
has promised to send national guard troops to arizona to actually the entire border but they haven't arrived yet. are politics at play here? we'll talk to arizona's sheriff and the sheriff is not only worried about our border. >> jan brewer has the cahonies that our president doesn't have to look out for all americans, not just arizonians. >> and governor sarah palin grabbing the headlines for her fired up statements on "fox news sunday." hear about that.
7:14 am
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>> the administration has promised 1,200 national guard troops would be at the border by august 1st, yesterday. but only a small number has shown up. the administration says they'll need more time. will they wait until november? just in time for those midterm elections. joining us right now for more is county sheriff paul balbu, good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. >> did i pronounce the name of your county correct snl>> penel county. >> thank you very much, sir. >> you bet. we've been promised that there would be, what, 1,200 national guardsmen down on the southern border by yesterday.
7:17 am
now, they say maybe by the end of august or september. what is going on there? >> well, you don't have to be a detective to figure this one out. right on the eve of the november elections. and 1,200 falls fall short, even just for arizona. he's splitting that among four border states when literally this is not just a public safety matter. this is a national security threat. so we need 3,000 armed soldiers right here in arizona alone. >> although didn't john mccain say he would like 6,000? >> he wants 6,000, 3,000 for arizona and then 3,000 split among the three other border states and the reason for that is more than half of the illegals that enter america come through right here in arizona. >> uh-huh. now, sheriff, are you supportive of the bill, senate bill 1070 down there in arizona that would give you another tool to crack down on illegals in the country? >> absolutely. and the good thing that came
7:18 am
from even the judge's ruling is the fact that it bans any sanctuary policies that cities or towns could have. so now there's going to be some uniformity in that regard. but even the law, even if the whole law was approved, it still falls short from what we need because you cannot center -- not only the 250,000 illegals that were apprehended just here last year, the border patrol says it was over 600,000 so we don't even know who the majority of them are. so we have to stop this active order not deep into the interior in arizona. >> that's what you say. but the president of the united states has apparently a different plan. here he is on another morning show today talking about what is going on in your state and others. listen. >> i understand the frustrations of people in arizona. but what we can't do is demagogue the issue. and what we can't do is allow a patchwork of 50 different
7:19 am
states or cities or localities where anybody who wants to make a name for themselves suddenly says i'm gonna be anti-immigrant and i'm gonna try and see if i can solve the problem ourselves. >> sheriff, it sounds like he's taking a shot at what you guys are doing down there. >> right. we want the president to come here rather than go out and raise money for candidates. this is a huge crisis. and when we need help, what does the president do? first, he responded with putting up billboard size signs warning our own citizens to stay out of our land, our desert because of smugglers and armed gunmen and second, we got tracked into court instead of giving us the help that we need. that's the last thing we need. we invite him here to personally see separate and afrart from all his advisors and you can't walk away other than to say wow, this is a huge crisis and in a post 9/11 world, we can't have hundreds of thousands of people come in here. we don't know who they are.
7:20 am
from countries of interest that sponsor terrorism as well. >> so what you are doing is you are inviting the president of the united states essentially for a ride along along the southern border to see what you're doing down there, right? >> yes. we'll keep him safe. 80 miles north of the border, you can see tons of trash. you can see where my deputy was ambushed and shows where drug cartel members are killed by other cartel members. this is what's going on in our state. this is america, not some foreign land. >> maybe they'll take you up on the offer. thank you for joining us live today from phoenix. >> thank you, steve. >> all right. meanwhile, switching gears. almost nine years later and waiting for justice. white house continues to delay a decision about the gitmo five trial. where is it going to be? does the administration care more about the midterms than the victims of september 11th? and martha stewart's normally quiet neighborhood disrupted by a stabbing. details on the attack across the street from the domestic diva.
7:21 am
p. launch my watchlist -- a popping stock catches my eye. pull up the price chart. see what the analysts say. as i jump back, streaming video news confirms what i thought. pull the trigger -- done. i can even do most of this on my smartphone. really, it's incredible. like nothing i've ever experienced. trade free for 60 days on redesigned power e-trade pro.
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>> it is now time for your news by the numbers. and first number is 40%. that's how much earmarked spending has gone down in the house this year. 40%. so far, they have spent $740 million compared to last year's $1.2 billion. house republicans are getting credit for starting the trend with their self-imposed one year moratorium on earmarks. next, 50%. that's how much g.m. says it's going to increase production on the chevy volt in the next year. the car runs on mostly electric power to save gas and costs $41,000. finally 30 bucks. that's the price you'll pay for carry-on luggage on spirit airlines. it goes up to 45 if you pay when you get to airport. the new fee took effect this
7:25 am
weekend. over to you. >> thank you, steve. on his first day in office, president obama signed an order to close guantanamo bay. but now nearly two years later, not only is it still open but five men allegedly responsible for the 9/11 attacks are still being held there with no trial anywhere in sight. is the administration delaying their decision until after the midterm elections to avoid controversy for the democrats? we're joined by dominick papalo jr. he lost his mother on 9/11 and is patiently waiting for justice nearly a decade later. dominick, good morning. >> good morning. >> your mother -- >> how are you? >> i'm doing well. your mom was on one of the planes that crashed. >> american 11. >> yeah, american flight 11 on 9/11. how do you feel about the fact that khali shaikh mohammed and his four alleged accomplices are still sitting at gitmo nine years later? >> i'm incredibly frustrated
7:26 am
and deeply disapointed to say the minimum at the administration for just dropping the ball on this. it's as if this is not a high priority item for them. and -- >> dominick, have people been in touch with you from the justice department with record to this prosecution or from the department of defense as to what's going on? have you been forgotten in the mix? >> we've been forgotten. yeah. that's actually -- absolutely right. i mean, we -- from 2002 onward, were in touch with d.o.j., they were great at all time, the victims witness or the assistant u.s. attorneys, they were always in touch with the family members. we would get something in the mail. and we would at least know what the process that was going on, nothing would air on the media before we knew about it as best as possible and then they did a very fantastic handoff to d.o.d. when the office of military commissions trial started. i think it was early 2008.
7:27 am
and so we had a victim's witness liaison person from d.o.d. that liaisoned with at least 20 to 50 family members that were very, very interested, if not more, in the ongoing trial. and then we got dropped! >> so dominick, what do you want to see happen now and why do you think you've been dropped now? >> well, it's clearly at this point i feel and, you know, i say this as a democrat, i feel, you know, it's not that i have the partisan issue here. i'd like to make this a nonpartisan issue but as a democrat, i feel clearly the president has completely dropped the ball on this subject. and i don't know -- i mean, for lack of a better word, that's what's happened and i'm disappointed and it's been recently brought up that with the elections coming up, that maybe the decision will -- first
7:28 am
of all, it won't be made around the september 11th ninth anniversary. i mean, nine years later, we don't have justice for our families and then we have the elections two months after and people are pretty much saying that that's not going to happen until after so that -- >> thank you so much. i know you're a loyal son and thoughtful american. we thank you for your service and sorry for your loss. thank for being here. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> well, he helped launch a program to punish illegal immigrants cashing in on government benefits but now that that law is suddenly stuck in red tape, the man behind the plan will be here to explain the holdup. >> and then sarah palin in a war of words with whom? the white house. >> jan brewer has the cahonies that our president does not have to look out for all americans, not just arizonians. >> the governor explains why jan brewer is doing a better job than the president. >> and a city's plan to take away everybody's right to buy a pet. could this radical plan really
7:29 am
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>> we just continue the conversation that she had never seen hogan's heroes. >> my dad watched it. i remember that. >> huh? >> all the other shows, la vern and shirley. >> those are later! >> and your mary tyler moore impersonation? >> oh, mr. grant! >> classic mary richards. >> did you watch petticoat junction? >> no. >> there's a little train coming down the track as we -- anyway, 28 minutes now before the top of the hour on this monday. we have headlines for you. get this. police are now investigating the stabbing of two girls at a home in katonah, new york same town
7:33 am
where martha stewart owns a farm. the aunt is now in custody. the girls ages 7 and 9 are in the hospital with serious injuries. stewart has owned the farm on the same street for the last 10 years. >> there's new information this morning that could help explain why that mother grizzly bear attacked three people at a campground in montana. one man was killed by the bear and two other people were injured. apparently, the mother's cubs were malnourished. and in desperate need of food. that mother was captured and euthanized. her cubs are now at a zoo in billings, montana. >> nasa has given preliminary approval for several new spacewalks. astronauts attempt to fix a broken cooling system on the international space station. over the weekend, a circuit breaker tripped shutting off part of the system. the crew is not in any danger. but astronauts have had to power down some equipment. the first space walk is expected to take place later this week.
7:34 am
>> plans to build a mosque near ground zero are expected to clear another hurdle tomorrow. that's when the new york city landmarks commission is expected to approve the demolition of a historic building to make way for the islamic center. that means construction can begin as soon as the developer is ready. mosque opponents call it an insult to build a mosque so close to the site of the 9/11 attack. >> glad you asked. i got a map. you want to see it? >> please. >> there it is, open your eyebal eyeballs. >> what was the name of the weather guy? >> he was the news guy mary tyler moore. wasn't gordy the weather guy? >> i don't know. >> it was gordy! i think. widely scattered thunderstorms across portions of the northern plain states up through the great lakes. meanwhile, the current readings are 73 in new york city. 71 in raleigh. i remember that one of the things on that show that they did was -- they were talking about chuckles the clown, the clown who did a saturday show.
7:35 am
a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer in your pants. you remember that? >> i don't. >> it was gordy the weather guy. today's daytime highs are 99. close to 100 in kansas city. 106 in dallas. it will be 83 today in wjm headquarters, the mythical television station in minneapolis. and meanwhile, in phoenix, arizona, 98. speaking of arizona, ladies and gentlemen -- >> right. it's getting hot. the topic that is because sarah palin went on "fox news sunday" and she said something that you don't often hear on those shows. she used the word to describe the governor of arizona. let's listen. >> jan brewer has the cahonies that our president does not have. if our own president will not enforce a federal law, more power to jan brewer. >> ok, so jan brewer has got the cahonies that our president
7:36 am
doesn't. >> the chutzpah as it were, the nerve. the fortitude. the strength. >> well -- >> all good synonyms. >> all this -- >> for cahonies. >> yes. also, she was talking a little bit how this congress essentially wants to raise your taxes. there are some tax cuts that are supposed to expire at the end of the year. they've been in effect for years. congress is going to let them expire. they like some of them, probably will reup some of them but not all of them. here's governor sarah palin regarding that. >> this commitment to let previous tax cuts expire are going to lead fewer job possibilities for americans. it's idiotic to think of increasing taxes on this. my palm isn't large enough to written all these notes on about what the tax increase -- >> i don't know if you saw alan greenspan, the former fed head
7:37 am
was on sunday morning talk shows also. he said the opposite. he said it could be disasterous if the tax cuts are continued because he thinks that giving -- he's in favor of tax cuts but not when you have to borrow the money. >> what he said is he's against extending them unless they come up with a way to pay for them. which is something that this particular congress is famous for. not with a bunch of -- >> we notice the american people believe about tax cuts, fox news has asked the question, if you were the president, what would you do with those tax cuts? and 44% of the american people are saying keep the tax cuts for everyone. >> it's interesting, 36% say what the president's plan is is keep them for people -- families who make under $250,000 worth of income. >> and 14% say let the tax cuts expire. the way it was posed is if you were president, if you're watching right now, that's not
7:38 am
actually an option. you won't actually be president. united states. >> how do you know if one of our viewers won't be president of the united states? >> i was saying if you were president today, there's only one guy. he's probably watching right now anyway. good morning. anyway, how do you feel about that? e-mail us right now at friends at should they extend them all? just the ones for the 250 number? >> i'm astounded of the plurality there. 50% said they should go up on one level. asking them if they like tax cuts is asking like they like chocolate ice cream. everybody loves tax cuts. 50% there if you add the bottom two categories together think there should be a tax cut of some kind. >> we want to keep our own money. >> that was your campaign speech. nice. meanwhile, coming up, major red tape holding up another law against illegal immigration. we'll talk to the man who helped
7:39 am
write that law and his plans to fight back. >> the city that is taking away your right to own a pet. can they really do that? hear about why some other cities are saying it's not a bad idea. >> first, the trivia question of the day born on this date in 1970, this new jersey writer/director shot his first movie in a convenience store made to where he worked. who is he? e-mail us at we'll be right back. >> prize? >> it all depends. hey, it's great to see you're back after that accident. well...i couldn't have gotten by without aflac! is that different from health insurance?
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>> arizona is not the only state embroiled in a legal battle over immigration. in fremont, nebraska, voters approved an ordinance to crack down on illegals but the town council and the u.s. district court judge have delayed it now from being implemented. >> we are joined now by one of the leaders of the town's original petition, john wieger joins us from omaha. good morning to you, john. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. >> so this ordinance which was adopted by your town council prohibits hiring illegals by businesses and also prohibits renting to people who are in this country illegally as well. how big a problem are illegals in fremont, nebraska? >> well, we've -- we've had an increase of illegals over the last 8 to 10 years. back in march, we had at fremont, 17 illegals were arrested with stolen identity. and the next day, coincidentally, 60 hispanics
7:44 am
called in sick. that is 77 workers out of 140. that's 55% of the work force that's probably illegal. we also have hormel in fremont and they employ anywhere from probably 1300 to 1400 and i guarantee you, we have quite a few there. >> so you helped to get this ordinance passed. it's now been delayed because of some legal challenges. let me read to you the statement from the city of fremont the department of utilities to fox news. because of the lawsuits filed against the city of fremont, the city had suspended implementation of ordinance number 5165. this action came from a recommendation from the attorney backed by the ordinance supporters. that's sort of vague. do you have any sense of when this ordinance might be put in place? >> i do not know. i do know that when i talked to my legal advisors, they said this is kind of common procedure
7:45 am
to kind of help it move a little bit more swiftly through federal courts and to keep costs down. we do have a lot of people, though, that are upset with the city government because we've been fighting them, you know, with this from day one. >> speaking of -- >> back in july of 2008. >> ok, john, speaking of city government -- >> they fought -- >> we've got a statement, sir, from the assistant attorney who made the recommendation. they say regarding this ordinance not going into effect. they say it's being suspended because it will make the process shorter and cheaper. this is what you just said. they told you. when the ordinance goes into effect, there is no preliminary injunction. the city would have had litigation removed so the people know the ordinance will be in place for a long time and can act and plan accordingly. so it sounds like by the nature of that particular letter, that they do think it's going to go into effect some day but first, they got to get things out of
7:46 am
the legal system and see how things shake out elsewhere, right? >> yeah. i guess, you know, like i said, you know, i've been told it's just common -- it's common procedure here so -- but there are a lot of people that were upset when they delayed it. like i said, we've been fighting the city government from day one when bob warner initiated this. they voted it down in july of 2008. once we got our 4100 signatures, they took it to district court where they wanted to get what is called a declaratory judgment. they upheld it there. they were not happy with that. they took it to nebraska's supreme court and it was upheld there, 7-0 in our favor. >> so john, are you fighting this now? are you fighting the delay now somehow? >> well, from what i've been told, like i said, this is common procedure so i guess if
7:47 am
this is going to help them, you know, move it along more swiftly and it can keep costs down, i'm for it. i'm anxious to get it going. to get the lawsuits over. on the other hand, our opposition is saying, you know, let the federal government handle this. this is not a problem for us to deal with. but, you know, you can see what the obama administration is doing to arizona and governor jan brewer down there. it's a disgrace! you know, she's even asked president obama to come down and look at the border and see what's happening down here. and he won't even take the time. you know, he has time to go on "the view" and do those kinds of things and play golf but he will not even go down there and see how serious this problem is. th a serious problem. >> it is a serious problem and we know that. and in fact, we had a sheriff on about half-hour ago, 45 minutes ago who invited the president along for a ride along. all right, john from there in fremont, number neb, thank you, sir, for joining us live and
7:48 am
telling us your story. >> thanks, john. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. >> coming up -- our pleasure. coming up, could a major american city get away with this? banning you from buying a puppy as a pet. >> what? >> yes, the city is trying to do just that. >> i got to find out where that is. first this day in history in 1776, delegates to the continental congress signed the declaration of independence. it was on this day in 1976. >> oh, good. >> on this date in 1790, the first u.s. census is conducted and the number one this date in 1973 was "bad, bad leroy brown" by jim crochie. good song.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
>> the answer to the question of the day is kevin smith. director kevin smith. winners rick's victory from dall dallas, texas. congratulations. birds, cats and dogs, oh, my. how about elephants and even guinea pigs won't longer be sold as pets if san francisco gets its way. how is this possible in this day and age? joining us now, the vice president of government affairs at the pet industry joint advisory council, michael maddux. good morning. >> good morning. >> now, are you telling me or will you tell me that san francisco is really considering the banning of bird sales, the banning of dog sales, hamsters, guinea pigs, is that possible? >> they're talking about banning everything. >> why?
7:53 am
do they say they want to do it? >> well, the -- the reason behind the ban is to address shelter animal populations and the concern over euthanizing animals from shelters. and that is certainly an issue that we're very sympathetic to but a ban on pet stores is not the way to do it. >> how can san francisco really do that? now, does it happen anywhere else and what are you gonna do to stop it because people love to buy their pets. >> well, we've been speaking with members of the commission that's considering this ban. there is no other jurisdiction in the country that has actually adopted a ban against the sale of all pets so san francisco would be the first. >> what can people do to fight this? this seems unprecedented. how can people in san francisco and in the bay area say to the
7:54 am
folks in san francisco? listen, we have a right to buy a pet and right to about into a store. we have a rate to buy a dog and cat, that's important to our lives and to our health. >> yes, we would encourage pet owners and pet lovers and all citizens of san francisco to contact your supervisor or the board of supervisors and let them know that however well intended, this is a bad idea. >> you know, obviously, you work for an industry and you have a business interest in this but apart from the business interest, why is having a pet -- why is the ability to buy a pet in a city like san francisco really important, michael? >> well, there's a multitude of reasons why people want to have pets. pets are good for your health. pets are fantastic companions. pets are wonderful for children. they're wonderful for seniors. i mean, the vast majority of
7:55 am
americans own pets for very good reason. >> do you own a pet? >> i do own several pets. >> what pets do you own? >> well, i own a dog. i own some reptiles. >> right. >> ok. looking at me, we've never met. what kind of pet would be good for peter johnson? i've got two wonderful daughters and a lovely wife. we got a small apartment in new york city. what's a good pet that i should go and buy in san francisco? i'm allergic to cats. >> well, you may not be able to buy much of anything in san francisco too much longer but if you're an apartment, i would suggest possibly a smaller pet. >> let me suggest this -- smaller pet like a small dog, toy dog or something like that? >> absolutely. >> uh-huh. let me ask you this. if this law goes through, will you sue to preserve the people of san francisco's right to go into a store and buy what they want? we're being forced to buy health insurance in this country, but you may not be able to buy a pet in san francisco. what are you going to do to stop it?
7:56 am
>> i don't want to get ahead of the process. right now, this thing has not gone through yet. it's before a commission and the commission itself doesn't have powers to enact the ordinance. they're only making a recommendation. so if this thing goes before the board of supervisors, as i say, we would urge people to let them know that they oppose the banning of pets. >> so on your say so, i'll consider allergy shots and get a pet toy dog, michael maddux, thank you so much for joining us here today. appreciate you getting up with us. let us know what you think about this issue, should san francisco shut out pet stores? and charlie rangel is tweeting his innocence. but some members of his own party aren't convinced and they want him to step down. we'll be joined by one of those democrats, new jersey representative john adler at the top of the hour. and an unlikely cure for this little girl's deadly brain disorder. we're gonna meet her and the doctor that saved her life using, what? super glue. got to see it. you want some fiber one honeclusters? yeah.
7:57 am
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>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's august 2. president obama, this morning defending his decision to squash arizona's illegal immigration law and taking a shot at the governor. >> what we can do is allow a patchwork of 50 different states where anybody who wants to make a name for themselves suddenly says, i'm going to be anti-immigrant. >> alisyn: if the states can't do it, who will? >> steve: indeed. charlie rangel breaks the silence via twitter, claiming he wants everything out in the open at a hearing. if he fights this all the way to the end, will the democrats suffer? nancy pelosi has a surprising admission. we will share with you in moments. >> peter: good morning, steve. remember when congressman grayson delivered this gem during the health care debate? >> you get sick, america, the republican health care plan is
8:01 am
this: die quickly. >> peter: now you can own that. greatest hits paid with with your tax dollars. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> i'm bruce jenner and you are watching the best show on television, "fox & friends." >> steve: thank you very much. world's greatest athlete at one time. now the star of a reality show. >> alisyn: hi, everybody. >> steve: what are you doing here? >> alisyn: i'm here for gretchen >> peter: i'm peter johnson, jr. and i'm here for brian kilmeade. >> steve: we're delighted you would join us. we've got a lot to talk about. while you were sleeping, charlie rangel somehow figured out how the world of twitter works and -- >> alisyn: he we want beyond the world of twitter. >> steve: so many people think you can express yourself in 140 characters.
8:02 am
this particular character from congress, what he has done is he has expressed himself via hear twitter where you can record a message and here he is defending himself against those 13 ethics violations he's been charged with. here is a snippet had to say. >> as you know, the ethics committee procedure is underway in that i initiated it. i hope that the committee process will move forward without a rush to judgment. i've discovered some of the mistakes i've made. my answers to the allegations can be found on my web site at i really believe i made some difference in the congress and i just won't stop fighting until i've had a fair and open hearing. thank you for your support and i won't let you down. >> steve: he's talking about -- he mentioned rush to judgment. didn't this whole thing start in 2007?
8:03 am
there is no rush going on. >> alisyn: in fact, they say they had been negotiating behind closed doors and charlie rangel, that he rejected any sort of resolution. they even described him as dwight. now this goes to a public trial. though some people have said this morning this will actually never end up in trial because it would threaten the democrats' election season. but that is the plan right now that there will be a hearing. >> peter: not so much as to what the charges are, whether the charges are true or not, but the effect that it's going to have on them politically. we actually went to that site and i looked at the defense the congressman had and i said it earlier, i know him well, worked with him on government issues in new york and he was very effective. he made interesting points, but it will be up to the ethics panel. >> alisyn: i figured out why i couldn't find it along with my huge research staff.
8:04 am
because he's on front page in bold. that's how we overlooked it. >> peter: early in the morning it was kind of small. it's gotten bolder. >> alisyn: you think the web site changes and updated? now it's hiding in plain site on the front. >> steve: speaking of getting bolder, we should point out, there are now 11 democrats who are officially on the record saying charlie rangel -- i think pretty much all the republicans say he's got to go. 1 democrats. but the leader -- 11 democrats and nancy pelosi made an interesting observation. she was asking, what's going on with this and she said essentially, i don't know nothing about it. >> the ethics committee is working its will. i respect what they do, i'm totally out of the loop. it is independent, it is confidential, classified, secrets, whatever. we don't know what it is.
8:05 am
but we do respect the work that the members of the committee do. >> alisyn: there was a great point, dana said it was implausible because she has her finger on everyone. but dana said there is a fire wall between the information of the ethics committee and congress because they do conduct their investigation in private. >> peter: it's confidential, classified, it's secret. it's whatever, as she said. i don't know what whatever means. you got to say to yourself, this has been going on for a couple of years, speaker pelosi. why wasn't this resolved in six months? there are massive charges, 12 or 13 charges, and there is a long defense, explanation to the charges, why wasn't a hearing conducted in the first six months? why did it take two years? was it because the health care battle was raging on and they needed congressman's vote and stewardship in the ways and means committee to bring through? were they afraid of alienating
8:06 am
the black caucus of when congressman rangel was a founding member. so now is he being thrown under the bus? why was he kept there for so long and why was it allowed to fester? if he was guilty, then he should be thrown out or punished or whatever the remedy. if he's not guilty, then why would he be under the gun for two years and only now -- >> steve: that is such is a good observation because was it last week joe biden said we've done with the heavy lifting. in other words, we've gotten all the stuff through we've going to with congress, at the same time when the charges go forward, it is interesting. then you also got nancy pelosi saying, a couple of years ago, we're going to drain the swamp, and yet it took, start not guilty 2007 until right now, it is curious timing. i just know that if any of the three of us did what he is alleged to have done, if we did it, we would just about now be
8:07 am
getting out of prison for having served our term. >> alisyn: the house ethics committee can be busy this fall because over the weekend, yet another story cropped up. this one involving congresswoman max seen waters of california. she, too, is now under an investigation and, in fact, a trial is proceeding. she, too, wanted a public forum because she's accused of doing something improper involving one of the banks that got $12 million in bailout funds. it turns out that her husband at one time was on the board of that bank. she and her husband had stock in that bank. so was there some sort of sweetheart deal arrange? would the bank have gotten the money if she hadn't arranged the meeting? she, however, says she disclosed all of this as it was happening. so it's unclear what now the ethical problem is or what they found, but again, there should be another trial coming up this fall sometime. >> steve: all right. meantime, we've been talking for months about what the state of
8:08 am
arizona has been doing regarding all the illegals crossing into their state. it's a public safety issue, they feel. this morning the president of the united states was on the cbs morning show talking about what is going on in arizona. he does not agree with what they're doing. >> we can't demy gag the issue and what we can't do is allow a patchwork of 50 different states or cities or localities where anybody who wants to make a name for themselves suddenly says, i'm going to be anti-immigrant and i'm going to try to see if i can solve the problem our self. this is a national problem. >> steve: sounds like -- and it did to the sheriff of pinal county of arizona, that he was taking a shot at his governor, jan brewer. here is a reaction to the president's statement this morning. >> we just want the president to come here rather than go out and raise money for candidates. we invite him here to personally
8:09 am
see separate and apart from all his advisors and you can't walk away other than to say, wow, this is a huge crisis in a post-9-11 world, we can't have hundreds of thousands of people come in here we don't even know who they are. >> steve: what he suggested was to have the president do a ride along as they go and do their patrolling. >> peter: are the legislators in arizona demigogs? or the people across arizona, are they? is that a tone deaf statement by the president? it might be. >> alisyn: it's a great idea for the president to go down there and actually feel what it's like to be on the border. you can't really sense something, we know as reporters -- >> steve: he went and saw the spill. that was helpful. >> alisyn: that's vitally important. when i was a reporter, went to juarez, mexico and you definitely feel different when you're in juarez than when you're here. >> steve: when you see it with your own two ice. >> alisyn: yeah. in an hour, president obama
8:10 am
heads to atlanta to discuss the ending of impasse operations in iraq. he'll be speaking at the disabled american veterans. what can we expect? >> what you were stating, he'll be talking about his plan, outline for bringing an end to the end of combat operations, if you will, going on in iraq. the commander in chief is expected to outline his plan for the continuing draw down of u.s. troops in iraq at the end of the u.s. combat mission. as their draw comes to a close tend of august. in keeping one of his campaign promise, he will add that by the end of this month, 90,000 u.s. troops will be brought home from the war in iraq. that while maintaining a transitional force to train iraqi forces and support them in counterterrorism issues. there has been an uptick of violence. the president says much of that has come from terrorists. president obama will also thank the men and women who have served in iraq, stating, quote,
8:11 am
through their extraordinary courage, confidence and commitment, these troops and veterans have proven themselves as a new generation of american leaders. while combat operations are nearing an end in iraq, the president will also discuss the administration's support for u.s. troops in afghanistan. for example, with the draw down in iraq, some of the massive amount of military equipment that is there is now being transferred to operations in afghanistan. the president again stating his purpose for the mission in iraq, stating that as it draws to a close of combat operations, a lot of work will still continue that americans will be in harm's way, stating, make no mistake, it's changing to civilian effort led by our diplomats. back to you. >> alisyn: thanks so much, kelly. looking good down there. thank you. here are the rest of your headlines. today is actually 105 days into the nation's worst oil spill and later tonight, bp will attempt to permanently seal off the
8:12 am
well. engineers will try something called the static kill, which involves something mud and -- pumping mud and spent into the well. documents reveal the coast guard gave bp too much leeway when it came to using dispersants in the water, even after the epa warned them to cut back. despite that, the ceo says, quote, he would absolutely feed his family seafood from the gulf. a cargo plane slammed into a mountain in alaska and burst into flames. all three people on board are believed to be dead. the crash happened at a national park. this is the second fatal plane crash in alaska in less than a week. four people were also killed in an air force plane practicing for an air show. police in arizona are stepping up their search for two convicted killers who broke out of prison. they are still believed to be in arizona. a third prisoner was caught after a gun battle with police. police are investigating whether
8:13 am
lax security is to blame for the escape. we are told the men cut a hole in the fence to get out. call your local authorities if you have any information on them. those are your headlines. >> peter: 11 democrats are uniting against new york congressman charlie rangel and demanding his resignation. we'll talk to one when we come back. >> steve: then her brain disease would have killed her, but a baby girl is alive today thanks to a doctor who used super glue to save her life. yes, i said super glue. the family and the doctor in this hour of "fox & friends."
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> steve: that guy right there, charlie rangel, is taking his personal ethics battle all the way to trial now. but not all democrats have the veteran politician's back. in fact, already 11 house democrats, these right here, are calling for his resignation. and that list is growing. right now we are joined by that guy in that picture right there, new jersey congressman john adler, one of the democrats calling for him to step down. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: fine, thank you very much. not doing as well as i'm sure charlie rangel when he heard, wait a minute, 11 democrats are squared off against me? that's not good. >> i'm not sure people are squaring off against him. i at least for my district, i
8:17 am
was elected to help deal with the big problems facing our country. we have very big problems. i think anything that makes us spend time distracted with ethics trials really doesn't help us deal with these mounting deficits, spending out of control, and a private sector economy struggling right now. i had two town hall meetings this weekend. people talking about deficits, spending and jobs. if we're spending time on ethics stuff, we're not helping our nation. >> steve: when i say squared off, when i'm talk being is rangel says, wait a minute, maybe i made some mistakes, but i shoot have to go. you, on the other hand, say he should go. why? >> we're going to come back in september. i think to things that congress can still accomplish to free up the private sector to grow the way it's supposed to in capitalism, to protect our national security and not put them off 'til after this election and put them off the way congresses tend to do. i think if we're spending time
8:18 am
with trial stuff, we're not helping the nation. >> steve: congressman, are you worried about what charlie rangel has done or are you worried about the midterm elections and perhaps your future in the u.s. house of representatives? >> of course i do worry about ethics for any member of congress in either party. that's very important. we have an obligation to meet a higher standard of conduct [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ]
8:19 am
8:20 am
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8:26 am
>> and we had very good advice from a number of different sources, including our neurosurgeon. after everything that happened, you're kind of like, all right. i guess if that's the treatment, that's what we'll go with. >> alisyn: she has a lot to say about this, as we can hear. how is she doing now after this
8:27 am
surgery? >> she's been doing great. we couldn't be happier to see the little happy, easy going baby that she turned into. she was a pretty -- before all of the diagnosis and the surgery, she was a pretty fussy baby and she's the opposite of that now. she's just happy and likes to charm people. she's doing great. >> alisyn: she's beautiful and we know that all the physical symptoms that you saw, you say just changed overnight and obviously she's healthy and robust now. darby and mark and joly and doctor, thank you very much for coming in to tell us about this very unusual yet highly effective surgery. thank you. >> thank you. >> alisyn: let's go over to steve and peter for what's coming up. >> steve: we have to add something else to my list. right now we use duct tape for everything at my house, but now duct tape and super glue. >> peter: can you think of a better way to start the week?
8:28 am
wonderful. >> steve: straight ahead, new information just out about why that mother bear apparently attacked three campers out west, leaving one dead. her babies were apparently starving. we will try to connect the dots as we know them. >> peter: sorry, all you vegetarians. the reason humans are smart, 'cause we eat meat. there is scientific proof. that looks delicious. >> steve: you know him as bo duke from the dukes of hazard. john snyder joining us on the curvy couch next on "fox & friends."
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> you get sick, america, the republican health care plan is this: die quickly. >> steve: then you've got
8:32 am
congressman alan grayson, democrat from florida, last year in the run up to passing health care and there were a lot of republicans who were really upset that he would describe their plan that way, but he loved the attention and he really got on the map. after that, suddenly he was saying -- there were a bunch of equip quips and there were people saying, this is a guy who is taking action, look at all the stuff he is doing on the floor of congress for you. >> peter: anthony wiener, who had the famous melt down on the floor of congress and here on fox, he described congressman grayson as being, quote, one fry short of a happy meal, unquote. so there you have it. the dvd of the greatest hits of congressman grayson. >> steve: greatest hits? >> alisyn: they call it that because he compiled that and he wants to send it out to voters. there is a little controversy according to the local station there and that is that he did not use campaign funds for the
8:33 am
dvd's. these cost $73,000 and they say that they're using taxpayer money instead of the campaign funds. obviously some people are not pleased about that, including his opponent. >> steve: or any republicans in the district who don't like him. peter, we're embroiled in the rangel thing right now. is there any chance there would be an ethics violation here or would he simply say, you're right. i blew it. i'll have pay the cost? >> peter: at first blush, there appears to be some question about whether there is an ethical question or not. but according to one account at least, the house vetted it, they looked at it and said, that's okay. is that about their lower standards or is it about a democratic-controlled house, or is it about both? but you would think that something like that would, in fact, spur some kind of inquiry. but it seems to be the order of the day. >> steve: i think it's kind of a waste of money. if you got a dvd in the mail,
8:34 am
you going to watch it? when is the last time you plugged a dvd into your player? >> alisyn: it's been a long time. >> peter: can you record over this? >> steve: only if i can put my trip of the grand canyon on it. e-mail us right now. what do you think, is this appropriate use of your taxpayer dollars or should the congressman use his campaign funds? >> alisyn: now for your headlines, there is new hope this morning for the iranian woman who could be stoned to death for allegedly committing adultery. brazil has offered the woman asylum and now iran is rethinking her sentence reportedly. brazil is one of iran's few allies and iranian officials reportedly told her children that they will decide on her case this week. >> steve: new information out this morning may explain why a mother grizzly bear killed one person and mauled two others in a camp ground in montana last
8:35 am
week. her three cubs were found malnourished and the mother, they surmise, may have been fighting to get them food. the cubs are at a zoo in billings, montana, the mother was put down. >> peter: the plan to build a mosque near ground zero is expected to clear a final hurdle tomorrow. the landmarks board voted against giving a nearby building landmark status. once that happens, the building can be demolished demolished ane construction can start whenever the developer is ready. opponents call the project an insult to the thousands of victims who lost their lives on 9-11. >> steve: actor charlie sheen could be headed to jail. a 30 day sentence is reportedly in the works after he agreed today to plead guilty to assault. he's going to appear in court later today. police arrested sheen last christmas after a fight with his now estranged wife, brook. his attorneys say despite the sentence, there will be no delays in shooting the next season of "two and a half men." >> alisyn: we all know him as bo from the dukes of hazard.
8:36 am
now john snyder is back, this time on the big screen play ago mysterious drifter who arrives in a small texas town in his new thriller consider dune bee." >> they're getting close to the prayer meeting. >> sheriff, i already had a conversation with your deputy and he anticipated all my questions. >> you saved my life. >> tony was crazy, sheriff. he had a knife. what am i supposed to do? >> law allows you to use reasonable force. >> is there some sort of problem? >> nobody knows anything about you, sam. can i call you sam? >> steve: john snyder joins us now to talk about his new film. good morning to you. >> good morning. what a choice for the typical southern sheriff. robert? >> from new york. you are from new york, too.
8:37 am
>> yeah. around robert, i had to start talking like this. an interesting guy he is. >> alisyn: tell us about this new mysterious character. >> it's really an interesting movie. a lot of times i play nice people, people who do good things for other people, small villas is no different. in this movie, the guy does the right thing at the right time and bad things come of it. so no good deed goes unpunished, i think is one of the underlying notions. there is ernie brown, there is jen. i find it fascinating. the group of people that did this are from the u.k. and they have -- it was written by the man who directed it, peter mckenzie. they have a different way to do things, different way to think through problems. i think it could be a very good movie for me. >> steve: this is set in texas, not in hazzard. >> not in hazzard county.
8:38 am
i'm from mount chesco. >> peter: only 45 minutes from broadway. and you've been on broadway. >> i have, the grand hotel here. >> peter: many series, movie, television series, made for tv movies. >> what's the joke? you build a thousand bridges, but we can't say the rest of that yoke. it's fascinating to me. i've enjoyed a wonderful career and -- >> alisyn: what's your favorite? >> my favorite? >> alisyn: yeah, movies, broadway, tv? >> i've got to say broadway. broadway is really where the rubber meets the road to quote bo duke. it's a phenomenal thing to do, great to be working in front of a live audience. they talk about the immediate gratification, but the really good thing for your craft about a live audience is they let you know right away when you are not very good. >> alisyn: we know that from our studio crew. >> steve: there is thunderous applause. >> peter: wait a second.
8:39 am
>> when the movie comes up, please watch it. i get to play guitar again. >> peter: you made it clear of all the roles, you've said it, that the role that's most important to you is being a daddy. how does that go together with being an actor? is that hard? >> well, it's helped me so much, especially in smallville. until you've raised chirp yourself, until you've had that little tiny person turn into an alien teen-ager, suddenly think you're uncool, there is no way to play that. there is no way to look at a teen-ager in a show, in a movie and have that weighing what you're about to say unless you've done it at home. >> steve: that's right. >> my hope, my true hope is that i'm not a better dad in the movies than i am at home. that's a danger. >> steve: sure. unlike "smallville," which is
8:40 am
the steer of superman, you play superman's father. you talk about alien's teen-agers. it's got to be weird when your son can fly. >> yeah. we were talk being it yesterday. "smallville" is interesting because you start out with an alien and get a human being, unlike real life where -- a parent just said yeah i know. i'm back on "smallville." so to quote mark twain, rumors of my death has been exaggerated. >> steve: in the last couple hours during the breaks, it got started where i mentioned hogan's heros and she never heard of it. >> alisyn: i've never seen it. thank you very much. >> peter: i met john banner. >> steve: we were playing a little game where someone would call out a name to see if people knew the theme song. ♪ ♪ .
8:41 am
>> steve: laverne and shirley? >> no. ♪, sonny curtis wrote that song an original member of the crickets. yes, yes. >> steve: very nice. check out doooby. he wrote sill street blues? >> yes. rockford files. >> peter: wizard of oz. >> steve: he did not do that! >> that was not a television show, so that doesn't count. >> peter: law and order. >> yes, exactly. (whistling) who wrote that.
8:42 am
merv griffin. so watch "dooby." children's miracle network, go on the internet and watch 10,000 days. i've got to go. they're going to kick me out now. >> steve: you're from mount kisco. i'm a little savantish. >> alisyn: what kind of e-mail account do you have? g mail, hot mail? if you do, then our next guest says you're unknowingly helping out liberals. president ronald reagan's son is here to explain. >> is there a plot? >> peter: the reason humans are smart, because we eat meat. you eat meat, john? >> yes, i do now.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> steve: listen to this, did you know that you may be contributing to the campaigns of liberal candidates because of your e-mail address, you know, google, mac, yahoo, stuff like that. that's about to change. conservative talk show host michael reagan is selling e-mail addresses on his web site, promising the proceeds will help get conservatives elected and he joins us live this morning from l.a good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> steve: let's start with the obvious question, why would my google or mac account wind up benefiting the liberals, michael? >> what i did is i decided to do
8:47 am
a study to find out where the money was going from goingle and hot mail and all those things when they send back money to washington, d.c i found out a few months ago that most of the money that they send back to washington, d.c. ends up with harry reid, nancy pelosi, barak obama and the rest of the liberals in washington, d.c i thought, what could i do about it? i've had my web site since 1992. i went to my partners in my business and said, can we turn my web site into an e-mail service provider? so we did that. we just started launching it about a month ago as an all conservative e-mail service provider. so that will then provide dollars for the things that i do literally throughout the world, helping candidates in the united states, whatever it might be. as i'm out speaking, or over in poland, or in germany where i've been speaking at economic conferences about freedom and uplifting the values of ronald
8:48 am
reagan. >> alisyn: so explain how it works. people are interested, your e-mail address would cost 39.95 per year and somebody would just -- >> it works like anybody else's. 39.95 a year. you get the e-mail address, the search engine, calendar, all of those things, just like you had google oriole, it's just a e-mail service provider and e-mail address. everybody loves ronald reagan. greatest conservative on the planet. why not have a e-mail service address? so that's exactly what we have done and people love what they're doing and love going to and doing that with all the other things they're starting to add in. we hope to be like everybody else. when we get enough people signed up, do whattal did, start making it for free and sell the advertising. >> peter: you're doing free enterprise and meeting with google and aol and other internet service providers and b, you're saying to your new
8:49 am
community that joins this new service provider, that any of the profits that go to political action are going to go to conservatives. >> yeah. they're going to go to conservatives. we're not going to help elect harry reid or nancy pelosi or barak obama. when you look at it, these organizes, when you add up the dollars, it's four to one the money they send to liberal candidates over conservative candidates. it's four to one what they send, the democrat party compared to the republican party. we decided to come up with an idea. i got to tell you, i think it's brilliant. >> alisyn: really. we have a full screen here illustrating when you mentioned and that is the sites contributed 4 million to the democrats. >> steve: if people are interested, your web site, we will link it at our web site to
8:50 am
find out how you can have be your personal e-mail. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> alisyn: coming up next, sarah palin in a war of words with the white house. >> jan brewer has the cahones that our president does not have to look out for all americans. not just arizonans. >> alisyn: she explains why jan brewer is doing a better job, she thinks, than the president. >> peter: then sorry, all you vegetarians. apparently the reason humans are really smart is because our ancestors ate not trees, but meat. >> steve: chicken.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> alisyn: good morning. we've got big doings on monday morning. karl rove in the house, we'll get his thoughts on the president's controversial
8:54 am
comments over the weekend on immigration and governor brewer. sarah palin, nancy pelosi, charlie rangel, big news this morning. karl rove weighs in on that when bill and i join you right here at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. >> alisyn: here is quick headlines for you. iran's leader, ahmadinejab, is challenging president obama to a live tv debate. >> steve: good. >> alisyn: ahmadinejab wants to go one on one with obama to see who has the best solution for the world problems. then eating meat may be the key to human evolution. anthropologists in new york say more than 2 million years ago, our ancestors made a jump from eating leaves and nuts to meat. this apparently was the key moment when our brains got enough energy to start growing to their current massive size. >> steve: peter during the commercial was kind of joking that once upon a time, all we did was eat bark and this proves
8:55 am
you were right. >> peter: i didn't say all the time. i said that was part of the balanced diet, bark. i remember reading as a kid that the appendix, which is really not necessary for anything, in our present evolutionary state, was used to digest bark been interesting. >> peter: i don't know if that's true. tweet me. >> steve: let's talk about governor sarah palin. she was on television yesterday and she was sticking up for governor jan brewer in arizona. listen to this. >> jan brewer has the cahones that our president does not have. if our own president will not enforce a federal law, more power to jan brewer. >> steve: those comments. >> alisyn: we have e-mails. the first is from john in
8:56 am
arizona says jan brewer has the option to use the state militia to close the border. i was wondering what peter thought of that. >> peter: the truth is, she doesn't have the power to enforce what to dictate what immigration law is. i believe she has the power to sign the law, changing arizona law. but she cannot decide what to do at the border. it's up to the national guard and the feds. >> steve: good enough. thanks for the e-mail. we're going to roll on in two minutes. stick around. we'll be right back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> alisyn: 32 seconds left. what did you have planned for this? >> steve: join us tomorrow. also thank you, peter and ali for joining us. and coming up in the after the show show, john snyder will be with us and we'll play a little stump the guy. he knows so much trivia about television and show business. are you up to the task? >> it's trivial? >> steve: we'll put him to the test. log on to our web site. >> peter: happy august. >> asy


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